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Businesses Even Better

Good Work Group is a brand strategy, design, and storytelling consultancy dedicated to helping mission-driven businesses succeed.

We Are Connectors and Relationship Builders

We believe mission-driven businesses are key to making stronger communities and should have the same visibility as larger brands. That's why we work with you to create authentic relationships and brand experiences that build advocates for your business or organization.

Creative Thinkers. Idea People.

Through creative ideas, storytelling, and outreach, we help you inspire community, drive action, and create change in your neighborhood, community, and the world at large.

Whether you're an artist, farmer, social entrepreneur, small-business owner, or CEO, our committed approach to branding and communications will help you build community and your business.

Connect with us to learn how we can help you make a real impact!

Molly Preismeyer

Molly Priesmeyer
Principal, Brand Strategist,
and Storyteller

Nerdy storyteller and writer wants to start an urban commune, write a book about it

Molly is an award-winning writer with 14 years of experience as a journalist, content strategist, and storyteller. She approaches every new client story from a unique journalistic perspective, helping each one become part of an ongoing larger story inspired by community engagement, shared experience, and a positive, lasting impact.

Good Work

  • "Leader of the Year" award from the 9th Ward of Minneapolis
  • Keynote speaker at S&T "Green Business Practices" seminar for area business leaders
  • Premack Public Affairs Journalism Award winner
Karen Kopacz

Karen Kopacz
Principal, Brand Strategist,
and Designer/Developer

Arty, cosmopolitan designer loves infographics and rearranging brainwave patterns

Karen is a designer and Web developer with more than 14 years of experience in branding, strategy and interactive development. Her ability to think strategically and creatively is the result of her "inventor's mind." She works collaboratively to listen to project needs, bringing fresh ideas to to each project, and helping clients create movement in their ideas.

Good Work

  • SXSW Interactive Festival panel speaker for Fostering New Culture on the Internet
  • Three-time winner of the American Design Awards
  • Published in the design anthology "Portfolios Online"
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Building Connections
Partner with us to develop your Brand Strategy and Marketing Plan.
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Sharing Ideas
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